The small village of Ratlinghope lies against the lower slopes of the western side of the Long Mynd.
Ratlinghope is a small village, with very few buildings - so small, in fact, that it is said once to have been described as "... a bit blowed off a village".

It lies alongside the Darnford Brook which originates at Wildmoor Pool in the hills above, and includes a number of houses spread over several hamlets ranged over a relatively wide area.

In the graveyard of St Margaret's Church at Ratlinghope is the grave of Richard Munslow, said to have been the last 'sin-eater' of the area - a sin-eater being one who attended the funeral of some unfortunate who had not recanted his sins so that he (the sin-eater) could take on that burden. Further details are shown on one of the photographs linked below.

A millennium yew tree in the church yard was planted in 2000, propagated from a tree said to be over 1000 years old.

ratlinghope through the gate
Ratlinghope through the gate
st margarets church
St Margarets Church - 1
st margarets church
St Margarets Church - 2
sin eater grave
Sin eater's grave
millenium yew tree
Millennium yew tree

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