Bishops Castle

Bishops Castle is a small market town close to the border with Wales, in the south-west of the county.
Although Bishops Castle no longer has a castle (apart from a small section of wall), it is still a 'working' market town at the centre of a rural community, with an active livestock market, two breweries, and numerous pubs. Lining the steep hill of the High Street is a selection of shops, some unusual, many in brightly coloured and listed buildings.

Most of the time the town is quiet, relaxed and peaceful - but at times during the year it hosts festivals such as the May Fair, Walking Festival, and Michaelmas Fair along with a range of other events and on these occasions it can be crowded and busy in a friendly sort of way.

The castle that gave its name to the town was built by the Norman Bishops Of Hereford, and used as protection for the surrounding area. Said to have been in ruins by the time of the Civil War in the mid-17th Century, its stone would have been used to build some of the houses and other buildings of the town.
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